Mallory Curlee-Green






While studying apparel design at FIDM, it became grossly apparent to me that waste is a primary issue in the fashion industry. I began asking myself questions: How could I be proud of my art, if it also affects the earth so negatively? Why are the garments we live and breathe in not created with much greater care? Where is this industry model of fast fashion and mass production leading us? In asking, I discovered the purpose within my passion.

Creating beautiful AND conscious products is my daily mission. Above all, beauty transcends beyond the name-brand label, or the simple look and feel of a garment. True beauty is found in the materials, the fibers, and the hands that have touched each garment in their creation. It's one thing to make beautiful garments, it's a whole other thing to care about how and where these garments are made - what their true origin and environmental footprint is.

Hi! I'm Mallory - this is me...